Live Your Life Well

The 10 Tools

These proven tools can help you feel stronger and more hopeful. Check out each page for specific, easy-to-follow tips.

  1. Connect with othersStay connectedTool 1
  2. Stay positiveStay PositiveTool 2
  3. Get physically activeGet Physically ActiveTool 3
  4. Help othersHelp OthersTool 4
  5. Get enough sleepGet enough sleepTool 5
  6. Create joy and satisfactionCreate Joy and SatisfactionTool 6
  7. Eat wellEat WellTool 7
  8. Take care of your spiritTake care of your spiritTool 8
  9. Deal better with hard timesDeal with hard timesTool 9
  10. Get professional help if you need itGet HelpTool 10
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iPhone Live Happy app

Live HappyLive Your Life WellSM is proud to partner with Signal Patterns, developers of psychology-based Web and mobile applications. Signal Patterns, which comprises a team of 20 PhDs worldwide, has just released the Live HappyTM iPhone application. This first-of-its-kind mobile happiness-boosting program guides users through a set of daily activities that research indicates can boost both short- and long-term happiness.

Live Happy was developed by Signal Patterns’ SP Labs team using key elements of the extensive behavioral research of Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky. A noted psychologist and author of the best-selling The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want, Dr. Lyubomirsky is Mental Health America’s spokesperson for the Live Your Life WellSM campaign.

In recognition of the shared goal of promoting emotional wellness, Signal Patterns is contributing a portion of each Live Happy app sale to the Live Your Life WellSM campaign.

The Live Happy app is available at the Apple App Store for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. For more information on the Live Happy app please visit












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